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This page was last updated on: November 21, 2012
O'er the Border
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Tune sets from Frolic on the Fox 10
Our band was formed in 1997 to play at the second Frolic on the Fox, a fall dance put on by the Chicago Branch of the RSCDS.  The tenth (and last) Frolic took place in October 2005.  Doug Jensen, one of the Chicago dancers,  recorded and edited 13 dance sets.  They're by no means perfect, but they're danceable.  If you would like to view the list of sets and download one or more, enter your email address and press "submit."  You will receive email with a link to a download page.  If you  use a set for any public purpose, give us credit and be aware that some of the tunes we used are copyrighted by people other than us.  Thanks.

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Poet and Peasant (English country dance music)
"Poet and Peasant" is a collection of English country dance music recorded, if memory serves, in 1987.  The local English country dancers were practicing dances for a Playford ball in the Twin Cities, but had no recorded music.  The two of us (Joe Lawrence and Mike Briggs), using home recording equipment, made a cassette recording of the tunes for the dances.  We called it "Poet and Peasant," after the Von Suppe overture, but we never did figure out which one of us was which.

On most tracks Joe plays fiddle and Mike piano.  Portsmouth features, additionally, Joe on recorder and Mike on accordion.  There are two versions of Portsmouth (the "slow but nice" one is the original), because when we originally recorded it we had no idea how fast to play it.  When it was digitized, the tempo was corrected (couldn't have done that 20 years ago).

Drapers Gardens (mp3 file)
In the Fields in Frost and Snow (mp3 file)
       Portsmouth (mp3 file) 
Portsmouth  (slow but nice) (mp3 file)