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Here are some of our tune sets.  Most of the tunes, so far as we know, are in the public domain.  Some may be still in copyright.  You should not use any of the copyright tunes for profit, and should not reprint them at all except for your own private use.  If anyone objects to the use of a copyright tune on this site, the tune will be promptly removed.

This feature is experimental, and may be removed or changed without notice.

Belfast Hornpipe, The
Diamond Jubilee, The
Miss Gibson's Strathspey
On the Port Tack
Whistling Wind, The

And here is a tune I arranged for the 60th birthday party of a dear friend, Rose Stephenson.  I began with Rose Among The Heather (a strathspey), waltzified it and added a descant and bass part to the melody.

Rose among the Heather

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