O'er the Border
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Frolic on the Fox 2005
The band was Susan Conant, Dave Mullen and me.
Miss Allie Anderson              32 J x 8
Culla Bay                               32 S x 4
Lucy's Fancy                           32 R x 8
A Year of Dance                    32 S x 8
Reel of the 51st Division        32 R x 8
Burns Night                           32 J x 8
Sugar on Snow                        32 S x 8
Catch the Wind                       32 H x 8
MacDonald of the Isles          32 S x 3
Shiftin' Bobbins                     32 R x 8
The Nurseryman                    32 J x 8
The Lea Rig                            32 S x 6
Mairi's Wedding                      40 R x 8

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Madison Scottish Country Dancers Ball 1989
The band included Barbar a James, Joe Lawrence and me. Our very special guest was Alasdair Fraser.
J. B. Milne                                                32 R x 8
J. B. Milne repeat                                     32 R x 4